HotLuxury VIP trailer Units

Male and Female restrooms & Single Trailor units

Ceramic toilet and bash

Windows for natural light as well as boosted ventilation

Soap dispenser

Hand towel dispenser

Fully lit interior

Advanced waste tank

Innovative ventilation system

HotVIP Single Units

Internal basin and hand towel dispenser

Advanced sealed tank, hiding evidence of proceeding uses.

Foot pump flushing system preventing spread of bacteria between users

Innovate ventilation

Translucent roof for optimal lighting

Ideal for any premium event

HotPortable Flash toilets

Foot peddle system, preventing the spread of harmful bacteria between users

Maximised ventilation

Anti-slip flooring for your safety

Internal mirror

Translucent roof for optimum internal lighting

Most suitable for construction sites and small events

Length 1.19m
Width 1.10m
Height 231m (of roof)
Tank 227ltr

HotNon-Flash toilets

Rationally moulded plastic skit

80ltr waste tank

Contains a toilet seat and cover

Has a urinal inside

Enough space to move comfortably

Suitable for an event or a construction site

Supplied with two sets of toilet paper

Length 1.19m
Width 1.09m
Height 2.27m (of roof)
Weight 73.03kg
Tank 80ltr

Mobile Kitchens

Mobile Cold Rooms